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Sparkling Wines

Our logo of Dionysian dancers draws on the Greek wine tradition. Women, followers of the god of wine, joined in communion with him by drinking wine and frenzied dancing. We found this image in the Dionysian theatre of the ruined Greco-Roman wine trading city of Jerash in the middle east.
We make our Spritzanti and Sparkling wines in this tradition they are party wines you can celebrate with on all occasions.

Spritzanti Lizzie

The Spritzanti Semillon Lizzie is another party wine. Made as a wedding wine it has restrained bubbles, more spritz really, is sweeter with complex flavours that can satisfy your thirst. Great to welcome your guests or with cake and desserts when a sticky just won’t do.

View Tasting Notes and Purchase Tintilla Spritzanti Lizzie.

Rosalind Blush

The Sangiovese grape variety lends itself to the Charmat producing fine delicate long-lasting bubbles – and a refreshing vibrant exciting wine ideal for our Australian lifestyle. The wine has a bright translucent blush appearance with fine bubbles that persist. It has a crisp attractive nose with fresh strawberry and watermelon, an excellent structure with good mouthfeel, crisp fruit on the palate with a slightly savoury and long lasting finish. It is rather moreish!

View Tasting Notes and Purchase Tintilla Rosalind Blush

By law, we may only supply alcohol to persons aged 18 years or over. We will retain your date of birth for our records.