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sparkling wine in the hunter


Bob’s Blog; The Legends Harvest lunch

At the recent end of harvest Legends Lunch here in Pokolbin we were all asked to bring a Hunter wine of interest so among 13 of us gathered, there was a grand selection of old and not so old wines. Now we do tend to have palates that enjoy and can be forgiving of...

Bob’s Blog; The French connection: Early days

With our Tintilla French Long Lunch this past weekend I was thinking of why we were so influenced by the French in our winemaking. Timing is everything it is said and when it comes to the development of wine in New South Wales a number of factors came into play. In...

Bob’s Blog for ‘Around Hermitage’

Shepherd’s Riesling – origin of Hunter Semillon While harvesting our Semillon I was asked by one of the pickers “how come Semillon does so well in the Hunter?” Well it was not by accident but as a result of keen observation and experiment in the early days of the wine...
By law, we may only supply alcohol to persons aged 18 years or over. We will retain your date of birth for our records.